How did it go overall? Outstanding! We received Rosseland Remodeling’s telephone number from our local paper. We called and were in touch with the owner, Chris Rosseland. Chris came to our house within a day after our original call and met with my wife. My wife was immediately comfortable with him & his approach. Chris provided us a packet of information on his company, his work, general information & questions to ask contractors, and telephone numbers (better business bureau, state of Illinois numbers, etc.). I loved this approach. No other contractors supplied anything like this. We had a design in mind and that is what we had all contractors bid their estimates against. After 5-6 other bids, and after confirming Chris’s references, the choice was abundantly clear. They were able to start shortly after we signed our contract. They started quickly and had people working in our house every day for 7 weeks. Rosseland keeps the work moving & has someone at your house consistently (no week gaps where people aren’t working).

Chris personally worked with us to confirm the design & the details of the project prior to the start. The project started with the rough framing which Chris & his team completed. The Electric and HVAC were completed by contractors that Chris has worked extensively with and we were very happy with their work & reliability. The plumbing was completed by Chris’s team, along with drywall hanging. Another contractor was responsible for the taping, sanding, and painting of drywall. Chris & his team then completed all detail work including ceiling, trim, etc. Cabinetry was purchased through another company recommended by Chris and installed by Rosseland. Carpeting was purchased and installed by another company (recommended by Chris). Both the cabinetry and carpeting was included in the estimate via an allowance, so any cost overage was due to our decisions..

The project was a great success overall and is something we are very proud of. Overall Chris Rosseland & his team are fantastic. He is respectful, reliable, and trustworthy. Chris doesn’t nickel & dime you and his price is very fair for the work and reliability. Not cheap, not expensive, well priced. While he let’s you make your own decisions, he will also guide and provide recommendations when appropriate. Our overall experience was very positive & Rosseland Construction will be our first choice in the future.

Rosseland Remodeling completed a full basement remodeling for our home. This remodeling included framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, carpeting, cabinetry, etc. Rosseland Remodeling completed all the framing, plumbing, drywall, and used reliable contractors/retail for the completion of the electric, carpeting, and cabinetry. Rosseland acted as the general contractor for the project.

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