Chris and his team were AMAZING! I was home on maternity leave and the entire 3 week bathroom remodeling project went flawlessly. He laid out the plan and let us know when to expect what. They even made us aware of days that might be particularly loud, given the often sleeping baby. His team was extremely punctual every day.

They were polite and explained the plan for the day in case it changed from what was originally laid out. There was daily clean up so we never had to live with mess. At one point there was an issue with dirt that got on the carpet from the tile portion of the job, and when the project was complete, Chris sent someone to clean the carpets!

I cannot rave enough about how wonderful the entire process was. I only wish our upstairs bathroom was as nice as the one in the basement :) Chris and his team made magic happen in our basement. He took what was once a dingy laundry room and transformed it into our best bathroom in the house, and was able to move our laundry room to a better place, and make is much less dingy too!