I LOVE ROSSELAND REMODELING!!!! I could not be happier. Chris Rosseland went from a nice, professional contractor to now a loved part of our family.

I didn’t take this remodel lightly, I interviewed 7 companies before deciding on a contractor that I thought would be honest, reasonably priced, and not creepy to have in my home day in and day out. I found that in Chris Rosseland. He has a very kind demeanor to him, and that kindness does not disappears throughout the construction process or after. Chris is involved in the entire process and is on the site on a daily basis. His FIRST concern is his customers happiness.

His crews are also excellent! His crews were here working when they were suppose to, always on time, and sometimes even on the weekends. They were always polite and respectful of our family, and they did excellent work. None of the framing was prefabricated, all was constructed on site. Chris noticed my drain tiles were not draining properly and installed a new sump pump in the addition area. The attention to details was really impressive. If I wasn’t happy with something, all I had to do was tell him and he had it fixed, usually next day, no questions asked. The progress was ongoing, there was no “dead time”. Each day I’d come home and think “Wow look at all the work they got done today”. On days I was home I never felt like my space was invaded by strangers, they were very respectful. Especially since I have little ears around, there was not any cursing or disrespectful language that we heard, also there was not any trash left around or cigarette butts. The work was done on time and on budget.

I have referred Rosseland to my friends, family, and coworkers, and neighbors. Its funny because I see a home not far from mine that is having similar work done to it but by a different contractor , and I feel sorry for the people because they’re home is still being worked on today. We were done in July, and have been enjoying our new space ever since. Rosseland Remodeling is wonderful.

Addition of a 24×22 family room, a basement underneath it, replaced a one car attached garage made a two car attached garage, new siding on entire house, new roofing with new ventilation system for entire house, new driveway , patio, gas fireplace, moved stairs, brick work , new gutters, soffits, fascia, reblew insulation in entire attic, hardwood floors.