Our kitchen had been last remodeled in approximately 1990 and was long overdue for a makeover. We wanted to update the design from American Country to a more contemporary style with clean lines. Overall, the project consisted of full cabinet replacement, ceiling and under-cabinet lighting, new wall-mounted appliances, new sink granite countertops, ceramic backsplash and painted walls with new crown moldings and trim.
We wanted a contractor that could perform total project management and had a team of specialists who were skilled in their trades. Ideally we were hoping for someone who could offer insightful suggestions in areas where we needed advice.
Our search began with Angie’s list and other Internet websites. We identified a few candidates and invited them in for proposal discussions.

From our first appointment with Chris Rosseland, we had a strong sense that we would enjoy working with him. He was very good at assessing our needs, desires and budget. He suggested various options for us to consider in terms of layout, ergonomics and aesthetics. Then he came back to us with a complete, professional proposal along with professional references and other useful information about his company and affiliates. His bid was not the lowest, but Chris’ professionalism gave us the expectation that he could competently deliver a good project.

Looking at his list of affiliates, we next went to visit his kitchen designer, Nancy, of CR Cabinetry in Schaumburg. We stopped in on a Saturday morning, introduced ourselves and told her about the project. She said she does a lot of work with Chris. She showed us some material samples and fielded a variety of design questions. From this conversation, we knew she would be fun to work with!

So based on these meetings, it was clear that Rosseland was the best choice. We confidently signed the agreement and moved ahead.
The actual experience was surprising in two areas: (1) on-completion and (2) work performed within budget. Based on previous experiences with other contractors and handymen, it seemed that deadlines were never kept and costs always seemed to escalate beyond expectations. It was NOT this way with Rosseland. Rather, Chris lays out a target timetable and takes it seriously. He regularly visited our home and kept us apprised of daily goals. When the final invoice arrived, there were no hidden surprises.

Communication was another strength. As the kitchen remodeling work was being performed, Chris was very proactive in keeping us informed but also reaching out about any questions or potential issues where client input was needed. He did this both through phone calls and e-mail, whichever was more appropriate. Even though we did not talk on some days, we were always in touch.
All of the builders, electricians and plumbers assigned to the job were competent and careful. The only issues I recall were the need to make adjustment to a couple of cabinet door handles and also our desire to place some additional trim in the sink area that was not part of the original plan. Chris was very accommodating in taking care of these details to ensure our satisfaction.

In the end, it was the successful kitchen makeover we were hoping to achieve! Six months after completion of the project, we are still delighted with the results, and it is a pleasure to prepare meals and entertain guests.

So we are most happy to recommend Rosseland Remodeling for remodeling work and would not hesitate to work with them on any of our future remodeling needs.

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