Room Addition in Lake Zurich, IL

We decided last year to add onto our house rather than move. We were looking for a builder that wasn’t going to go out of business halfway through the project, was going to do quality work, and had experience adding onto a basement. We met Chris pretty early on in the process and knew right away that he was our first choice. He was extremely professional and very easy to get along with. The first day he came out to look at our job he brought a folder with information about his company, credentials, and references. He was very quick at responding to messages, always within a day and usually even within minutes. He had excellent reviews on Angie’s List, excellent BBB rating, and no problems turned up in the Experian report we ran on him. He was helpful with providing written estimates for the banks we were trying to get loans from and revising the estimate when we had to scale back the project. He did this without even knowing if he was getting the job. Also, he was finishing up a job where he added onto someone’s basement and had us come over to see how it turned out for ourselves. Nevertheless, we felt that we had to do our due diligence and get bids from a few contractors.

Although a couple of them came in a little lower they couldn’t come close to Chris with regard to reviews, credentials, communication, and personality. Considering everything mentioned above, there was no question that we felt most comfortable with Chris doing the job and it was worth the money. After signing the contract, the work started within a couple weeks. Chris listened to our concerns about protecting a Maple tree near the work zone and took steps to protect it. He took care with the sections of my fence and deck that needed to be removed during the construction and everything was put back together very nicely. He put up a temporary fence across the backyard so that the work and debris would stay within that area and my young kids could have the other half of the yard to safely play in. In the basement he put down plastic on the carpet, covered up the furniture and toys, and put up a temporary plastic wall to keep all the dust within a confined area.

He really took a lot of care to protect our house and minimize any mess. I couldn’t believe how fast things were happening. Within 2 months the rooms were done and ready for paint and trim. It was really impressive how Chris had everything scheduled so that there was very little down time. The workers were always on time in the morning and usually done for the day by dinner time so there was very little disruption in our lives for much of the project. There really weren’t any problems during the construction but if there ever was something that I wanted done a little different Chris took care of it. We later ended up also having Chris reside the entire house and replace the bedroom windows as well. Everything turned out great and we love our “new” home. Thanks Chris!

Rosseland Remodeling built a room addition onto our house which consisted of a ground level room and basement level room. The upper room has a cathedral ceiling with lots of windows. They upgraded our electric service panel and A/C unit. They resided our entire house with vinyl siding and replaced all the bedroom windows.

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