There was never a day without workers and the clean up was impeccable every day. I always had access to Chris every time I had a question and if he didn’t pick up the phone he always called right back. He was at the house at all the important times and would drop by at other times. I felt I could thoroughly trust him. There was never a problem with Chris even if I thought there might be. The main thing with Chris is everything in the end comes together beautifully…no problem. What a relief. I finally struck gold with Rosseland. He is very laid back but that is combined with outstanding professionalism. My lower level was a total gut of a 1960’s Jetson style and it was turned into a very comfortable and updated, sleek piece of art. That may sound like overkill but everyone who sees it can’t believe their eyes. It is brand new yet still blends with the rest of the house. I would use Chris again in a heartbeat.

Chris had an architect draw up exact plans for my approval, got a dumpster, porta potty, plumber, electrician, dry wallers, hvac, tilers, carpenters and also had places lined up for me to purchase fixtures, carpet, tiles, cabinets. He also has a great guy who does a lot of the work like baseboards, doors and painting. I had a bathroom with shower installed, new walk in storage closet, new laundry room and of course the main family room.