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Carol and Mike, Rolling Meadows, IL

Amazing job! It went fantastic! Chris came over and we talked about what I was looking to do. He was extremely helpful with letting me know what we could and couldn’t do.
He then did drawings that showed exactly what he was going to do. When we finally decided to get going on it, he gave me all of his subs that he works with and they are all fantastic and very helpful also. Work started a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving and I told him I’d really like to entertain for Christmas dinner. Mission Accomplished! His workers were always there, working very hard to get it done. If they came across anything that they thought would be a problem, they brought it to my attention and let me make the decision on next steps. The job came in on budget which I was very happy about because I had heard horror stories about major renovations. I often sit at the island now and just marvel at how beautiful it turned out. We will definitely use Rosseland again!

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