Room Addition for Andy in Arlington Heights, IL

The project was smooth, professional and stress free – not an easy thing to say for such a large remodeling project! From the start, we liked Chris’ ideas and demeanor. As soon as he showed up, he listened carefully to our wants and needs for the project. He immediately suggested some great ideas that we loved. After talking to many contractors, we had a good feeling that Chris was the kind of person we wanted to work with. Rosseland had great references, great reviews on Angie’s list, and a competitive price. We were sold.

Chris helped us to find an architect for a very reasonable price to put together the plans for the addition (thousands less than other architectural bids we had received). He walked us through the design process, in conjunction with the architect, and was always able to put solid estimates to ideas during some fun design sessions. Chris was able to think quickly to help us determine how minor changes to the plans might change the overall price for the project. In short, the planning process was great, and moved at a nice, quick pace.

Chris handled all of the permit process with the village, which was a relief as our village is a little ‘temperamental’. When the work started, Chris and his sub-contractors did great work. We especially liked the carpenters. They were very friendly, willing to explain anything we asked, and very courteous. We had advance notice of all work, so we were always prepared for the next crew of workers. We actually were excited each day to hear about what was going to happen, and to see the project move along.

This could have been a very messy project – mud, sawdust, drywall, nails etc. But Chris and his guys were very careful to clean the job site each day, leaving the house quiet and clean by the time we got home from work (4:30pm each day). Our neighbors even commented about how little mess there was during the project.

Any remodeling project will run into unexpected situations. When we hit ours, Chris acted with integrity and accountability. When the custom windows we ordered showed up, Chris immediately noticed that they were not of a good build quality. Before I even knew that there was anything wrong, Chris had called out a third party inspector to look them over, had begun the process of sending them back, and had ordered new, upgraded windows. The whole situation could have been stressful for me had I been involved – the vendor did not want to give a refund, the maker disputed their poor build quality. But Chris handled all of it quickly and efficiently. We quickly had the new, nicer windows in place.

Overall, I found Chris to be very responsive and communicative. One of my favorite things was that I could email him with a list of questions or issues, and he would quickly respond. Since communicating with your contractor on the phone during the work day can be challenging, this was especially helpful. All-in-all, this was a very good experience. We have undertaken several minor remodeling projects prior to this, and none have gone so smoothly. Chris Rosseland runs a tight ship, and a very professional remodeling company.

I would highly recommend Rosseland Remodeling to anyone looking for a good, honest, friendly, communicative, and fairly-priced contractor. We will definitely use Rosseland for our next project(s).

This was a very large project. We tore down two existing poorly built rooms. They rested on a slab foundation, which we tore out as well. Once the demolition was done, we had a new foundation (with basement) poured, built a new living room on the first floor, and added a second story addition above that space. It is a little hard to describe, but we went from a single floor family room area on a slab, to a two-story addition over a new basement space. The new basement space was built to extend our existing basement. In addition, we re-roofed, re-sided, and re-guttered the entire house and detached garage.

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