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We have been building and remodeling homes in the Itasca IL area for many years. For kitchen remodeling  in Itasca IL, home and basement remodeling.

kitchen remodeling itasca il

Don and Laurie, Kitchen Remodeling Itasca IL Review:

Our home was built in 1937 and in need of a major overhaul. Our original intent was to replace the siding and windows and build a small room off the back of the house. Through probing questions, Rosseland Remodeling was able to understand our needs more fully. Right off, they recommended Pella wood replacement windows so we could maintain the original woodwork which was in good shape. They also worked with us to redesign the front porch of the house, which greatly enhanced its curb appeal. They suggested we change the pitch of the roof over the porch and add a new roof to the entire house. Special trim was added above the windows and doors. The new family room is perfect for us and seems to open up the rest of the house considerably. Rosseland did an excellent job matching the woodwork in the new room with the existing trim throughout the house. The crew was also very particular about cleaning up at the end of each day. The quality of workmanship is top-notch!
From the beginning, a couple of things struck us: 1) Rosseland Remodeling returned our call right away and were out to give us an estimate within a couple of days, and 2) it was apparent the owner, Chris, sincerely wanted to help us. We had 2 other contractors come to the house to give estimates. They took our blueprints but never got back to us. We were comfortable with Chris and felt Rosseland was the right fit for us. From day one, Chris provided a schedule and stuck with it. Admittedly, we were very lucky with the weather, but we were amazed that his team or team of sub-contractors, showed up each day as planned. We were happy with the decisions we had made regarding the major work that was underway, but the one area we were unsure about was the porch. Chris took the time to understand our needs, did some quick drawings and came up with a plan that we just love. Overall, we simply couldn’t be happier with the results!

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Itasca Building Codes and Regulations

Here’s a link to the Itasca Building Department. Here you will find a lot of information concerning permits, codes and contractor requirements. Don’t trust a remodeling contractor that does not want to apply for building permits. Most home remodeling projects require a permit.

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