If you are planning a kitchen renovation in Chicago’s northwest or western suburbs, you’ve probably already asked yourself certain questions and maybe even answered some of them as well. Maybe you’ve already decided you want new appliances or if you’re going to refurbish or completely replace your cabinets. Most likely, however, you haven’t thought about everything. Here are six important questions you should ask before you begin your kitchen remodeling project.

Will the Design Be Up to Code?

There’s no harm in breaking the mold, so to speak, when you redesign your kitchen.  You do however need to ensure the new design will be up to code. Your choice of hood fan, for example, may be limited by what is laid out in your town’s building code. Exhaust fans above 400 cfm will likely require some form of make up air. This can be accomplished in many ways. A licensed HVAC contractor will suggest different options. Our design consultant is a whiz at recommending the right elements that will satisfy your town’s building inspectors and help you avoid major violations.

What Cabinet Hardware is Best for My Kitchen?

Cabinet hardware helps you achieve functionality and visual consistency in your kitchen. Pay attention to minor details such as how cabinet drawers and doors open. When you decide to change the knobs of existing cabinets or install pulls on new cabinetry for the first time, make sure you coordinate the styles and ensure that they are properly installed. The possibilities are endless when it comes to cabinet hardware and there really is no right or wrong. A lot of the choices boil down to your personal taste and style.

What Shape Should I Consider for My Countertop Edges?

This may seem like a mundane detail, but counter top edges can make a significant difference in the way the counter top looks and functions. Many of our clients choose an eased edge for their kitchen counter tops.  An eased edge can give a modern and simplistic appeal. Other edge choices are:

image of countertop edge profiles

What Finishes and Materials are Best for Kitchen Fixtures?

Most kitchen fixtures such as lights, sink hardware and range hoods are produced in metal with different kinds of finishes. Choose a finish that is both practical and fits in with your decor. A single finish isn’t necessary for all kitchen fixtures as you can mix and match a little. For example, stainless steel and brushed nickel work well together.

What Style of Sink Should I Choose?

Sink choices are virtually endless these days thanks to many different types of materials and available options. Under mount sinks are popular because they make it easier to keep the counter top clean. They cannot be installed with laminate counter tops, however, as the cutout will look unpleasant.

What Finish Should My Counter Tops, Back splash and Flooring Have?

If you choose stone counters, flooring and back splash for your kitchen, the next thing to do is to choose a suitable finish. Granite and quartz look great with a polished finish. A good finish can protect the surface, prevent scratches and make it last longer. With each sample you review, be sure to ask about the different kinds of finishes available as the right finish will enhance the look of your kitchen.

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