The heart and soul of a home – the kitchen.

Family and friends gather here to nibble on treats… do homework… dish about their lives… play games… share meals… and just be together. When Tom & Bonnie DeG were finally ready to focus on the next stage in their lives, it’s no surprise the driving motivation to move or renovate was their aging and dysfunctional kitchen.

After much debate, the semi-retired empty-nesters chose to stay put in the neighborhood and 1970s-era raised ranch home they loved in Schaumburg, IL.

They contacted several local contractors for bids, and chose Chris Rosseland and his crew at Rosseland Remodeling to create the kitchen and living areas of their dreams.

Here are a few of the product highlights from this long-awaited kitchen remodeling project.

Schaumburg Kitchen Products Highlights


Kitchen cabinetry sets the tone for the woodwork, hardware and color choices for the rest of the home. This is the decision homeowners anticipate and dream about most before the project even begins.

Schaumburg kitchen products used incliding Monarch Cabinetry with Monaco door in alder custom cherry

With Chris’s guidance and a visit to CR Cabinetry in Schaumburg to browse door style and finishes, Tom & Bonnie chose manufacturer Monarch Cabinetry for their project.

Wood Species & Finish: Tom & Bonnie wanted a warm wood tone and clean lines with a traditional flair. With the red oak flooring throughout their main level, this cherry-stained alder blends perfectly.

Why alder instead of cherry? Alder has many advantages. Similar grain pattern to cherry, takes stains evenly, doesn’t change color over time, and is slightly less expensive. The largest difference between the two woods is their rank on the Janka hardness scale. While both are hardwoods, cherry is at 950, while alder is much softer at 590. The choice between cherry vs. alder is personal, and often comes down to how much abuse the cabinets might take. Busy children, with their toys and general disregard for property, make cherry worth the price upgrade. Alder, on the other hand, is the perfect choice for a retired couple. The money saved can be applied to upgrades in other areas.

Door Style:  For the cabinet face, the couple chose the classic Monaco Raised Panel 5-piece door style. Characterized by clean lines with subtle traditional details, Monaco fits the homeowners design style, and is appropriate to the age of the home.

Granite Countertops

Granite counters are durable, easy to care for, and timeless. The wide range of colors, patterns and textures appeal to a majority of home buyers and renovators. For this project, the homeowners chose the classic Suede Brown granite. Characterized by a tight, even leather-like texture in dark chocolate brown with flecks of black, rust and cream mica, this rock blends seamlessly with the cherry-stained cabinetry.

Brown Suede Granite on the Kitchen Island

Why granite? Many people shy away from granite because they believe the maintenance is time-consuming and repetitive. Not to worry! Industry standards for granite installations have changed. Reputable companies now use petroleum-based sealers that last for the life of the countertop under normal use conditions, and rarely require resealing.

Edge Profile: They chose a decorative ogee edge for both the island and main cabinetry surfaces. The soft, elegant lines complement the classic detailing on their cabinet doors. Measure & Installation completed by Ultimate Stone in Elk Grove Village, IL.

Franke Kitchen Sink

Where is the center of action in a kitchen? Cooks might tell you the magic happens on the stove. Kids will tell you it’s homework time, with cookies, at the island. But every meal starts, and ends, at the sink. With the amount of quality time a family spends standing elbow-deep in suds, choosing a sink suddenly becomes a much bigger decision.

Schaumburg Kitchen - Corner undermount sink

A deep, undermount Franke Prestige PCX16009 Stainless Steel 1-1/4 Bowl sink was chosen to anchor the corner of their kitchen, right next to a large window and within easy reach of the dishwasher. Stainless works in most kitchen designs. The brushed or polished silver functions as a neutral finish that can be maintained with little effort. Bonus, a stainless sink coordinates beautifully with stainless appliances and nickel cabinetry hardware!

Can Stainless be ‘Green’? Franke is on the leading edge of green technology, and uses 70% recycled material that is up to 100% recyclable in the creation of their sinks. And, Franke stainless steel sinks offer a durable, non-porous, hygienic surface.

Kohler Faucet

The faucet is the most intimate choice made in a kitchen renovation. It gets touched, used, and abused multiple times every day. What homeowner isn’t aware of the frustration when the faucet doesn’t work, falls apart quickly, and is hard to repair.

Choosing a faucet: The hidden features are often the deciding factor. Integrated spray vs. side spray? Multiple sprays? Finish? Brand name? Tempted to pick a faucet that ‘looks good’ but costs less? Don’t! Spend the money on the upgraded version with solid cartridges and a reputable brand name. Otherwise, you’ll have your plumber on speed dial. And you know from experience, even one visit from a service professional costs more than investing in a great product up front.

Kohler 596-VS Simplice Pull-Down Spray faucet

For this project, the Kohler 596-VS Simplice Pull-Down Spray faucet makes use of a modern goose-neck design and integrated handle to make filling the sink, pots on the counter, and rinsing produce easy. Kohler is dedicated to green, water-saving design and functional details. The high-arch swing spout rotates 360 degrees. Buttons on the sprayhead ensure simple operation even with wet, soapy hands. Sweep spray creates a wide, forceful blade of water for superior cleaning. Kohler uses a magnetic docking system, DockNetik to secure the pull-down sprayhead to the spout when released.

The Vibrant Stainless finish resists fingerprints, and coordinates with the other stainless finishes used in the kitchen.


The backsplash is the decision that homeowners, and designers, stress over most. The area behind the sink and stove is undeniably valuable real estate. Choose the wrong material, or the wrong pattern, color or texture, and you could regret it for years. Modern, slick finishes would have clashed with the classic, elegant and comfortable design of this kitchen.

Shaumburg kitchen travertine & crackled glass backsplash tile

After a visit to Virginia Tile in Wood Dale, Illinois, they selected a simple staggered 3 x 6 natural ivory travertine subway tile for the main body of the backsplash. For a splash of pizzazz, the Tantrum collection in canyon red crackled glass from Sonoma Tile Makers pulls the traditional design together. Using accent pieces sparingly in conjunction with a basic is the perfect way to save some cash.

Read the Label! When choosing a backsplash tile, consider the level of maintenance required. Travertine is a natural material that works well in floors and on walls, but must be sealed periodically. Glass tiles often require special handling and specific grouts for proper installation. Be sure to read all instructions!



CR Cabinetry in Schaumburg, IL

Monarch Cabinetry from Springfield, IL

Crawford Plumbing Supply in Itasca, IL

Ultimate Stone in Elk Grove Village, IL

Virginia Tile in Wood Dale, IL

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