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Chris did a great job

Chris did a great job helping us remodel our basement. He guided us through the planning, giving suggestions when we weren’t sure what would be best. He worked extremely… Read more “Chris did a great job”

Barb R

Harry in Bartlett

This is the second project we have had done by Chris and Rosseland Remodeling. I’ve known Chris for a number of years and have always been impressed by his… Read more “Harry in Bartlett”

Harry G

Kathy in Hoffman Estates

basement remodeling hoffman estates il

Chris has worked on various projects at our house for almost 10 years: room addition, finishing a basement, redoing 2 baths and our kitchen. Chris manages the schedule such… Read more “Kathy in Hoffman Estates”

Kathy B.

Anna and Dick H. in Schaumburg

kitchen for Anna and Dick Hahs in a condo in Schaumburg IL

We can’t say enough about how happy and impressed we are with my kitchen! Chris goes above and beyond to make sure everything is done properly and according to… Read more “Anna and Dick H. in Schaumburg”

Anna and Dick Hahs

Kitchen for Jennifer T. in Arlington Heights IL

kitchen remodeling in chicago suburbs

  Thank you very much for an excellent remodel that we will enjoy for years to come! Professional & organized, any time I had a question or concern I… Read more “Kitchen for Jennifer T. in Arlington Heights IL”

Jennifer T.

Bath Remodeling for Mark and Kim in Schaumburg

Our master bedroom and master bath turned out exceptionally beautiful, exceeding our expectations. We couldn’t be happier with the final results. We absolutely love our newly renovated bedroom with… Read more “Bath Remodeling for Mark and Kim in Schaumburg”

Mark R.

Kitchen for Sarah A. in Arlington Heights IL

image of a kitchen in an older home

We have used Rosseland Remodeling for other projects in our home, so when it was time to remodel our kitchen in our Arlington Heights home we knew we were… Read more “Kitchen for Sarah A. in Arlington Heights IL”

Sarah A.

Kitchen for Karen P. in Hoffman Estates IL

kitchen remodeling in hoffman estates il

I cannot say enough about how happy and impressed I am with my kitchen! Chris goes above and beyond to make sure everything is done properly and according to… Read more “Kitchen for Karen P. in Hoffman Estates IL”

Karen P.

Kitchen for Diane and Scott in Schaumburg IL

white kitchen in schaumburg il

Chris and his team come highly recommended in my book. They remodeled my kitchen (new floor, cabinets, counter and lighting) and installed new flooring in the dining room and… Read more “Kitchen for Diane and Scott in Schaumburg IL”

Diane Genthner

Kitchen for Jim and Eliot in Bartlett IL

kitchen remodeling bartlett il

Although we longed and planned for our kitchen remodel for years we waited until very recently to actually “take the plunge”. Our hesitation was largely based in our anxiety… Read more “Kitchen for Jim and Eliot in Bartlett IL”

Eliot K.

Kitchen Remodel for Carey D. in Naperville IL

kitchen remodeling naperville Il

Our experience with Chris and Rosseland Remodeling could not have been better! Our project went smoothly and we love our new kitchen. Chris is so trustworthy and he makes… Read more “Kitchen Remodel for Carey D. in Naperville IL”

Caroline D.

Basement Remodel for Brad and Mindy

image finished basement

My wife and I hired Rosseland Remodeling (Chris) to finish our basement. From the initial contact to the completion of the project, we were very pleased with Chris’ responsiveness… Read more “Basement Remodel for Brad and Mindy”

Brad T.

Wendy, Kitchen Remodeling Bartlett IL

white cabinets quartz countertops in bartlett il

Chris did a great job of keeping the project on pace and communicating status of progress, upcoming schedules, etc. Most days there would be multiple trades working in parallel… Read more “Wendy, Kitchen Remodeling Bartlett IL”

Paul F, Carol Stream, IL

kitchen remodeling carol stream

Chris remodeled our basement several years ago and when it came time to get some more work done, we knew exactly who to call, Rosseland! Chris and his team… Read more “Paul F, Carol Stream, IL”

Kathy and Alan, Bartlett, IL

The thought of going through a major renovation can be very intimidating and overwhelming. It’s also very scary trying to find a contractor you can trust, who does quality… Read more “Kathy and Alan, Bartlett, IL”

Debbie,Hoffman Estates IL

hoffman estates kitchen remodeling project

Chris and his entire team were ultimate professionals. They respected my home and worked to minimize any disruptions. We were kept informed of the daily schedules. He provides step… Read more “Debbie,Hoffman Estates IL”

Debbie Mau

Jeanette, Carol Stream, IL

basement remodeling in carol stream il for mark and jeanette donovan

Everything turned out beautiful. I couldn’t believe it was the same basement. Chris and the people he works with were so great. They thought of every last detail. It… Read more “Jeanette, Carol Stream, IL”

Dan and Catie, St Charles, IL

bathroom remodeling st charles il

We have had the pleasure to work with Chris Rosseland in the past and we were very happy with his work. When we relocated back to the Chicago area… Read more “Dan and Catie, St Charles, IL”

Rich and Sue, Bartlett, IL

After getting quotes for having our kitchen remodeled by 2 large national companies and briefly considering doing our own contracting, we decided to investigate some smaller locally-based contractors. Based… Read more “Rich and Sue, Bartlett, IL”

Tom, Schaumburg, IL

kitchen remodeling project in schaumburg il

This was a big project. It involved taking down walls, closing off a door, installing a new sliding glass door, three new baths, a new kitchen, new wood floors,… Read more “Tom, Schaumburg, IL”

Joe and Diane, North Aurora, IL

After hearing horror stories from friends and neighbors on various projects that they had done, we were amazed at how smoothly everything went. Chris and his guys were very… Read more “Joe and Diane, North Aurora, IL”

Carol and Mike, Rolling Meadows, IL

Amazing job! It went fantastic! Chris came over and we talked about what I was looking to do. He was extremely helpful with letting me know what we could… Read more “Carol and Mike, Rolling Meadows, IL”

Chris and Caryn, Hoffman Estates, IL

Chris, the owner, was at our house just about everyday that someone was there working. He would come check in, see if we had any questions, make sure stuff… Read more “Chris and Caryn, Hoffman Estates, IL”

Elizabeth and Hart, Wheaton, IL

Basement remodeling Wheaton IL

We spoke with three contractors re the basement finishing project. All three had good reputations for the job we wanted done. However, Chris Rosseland made such a positive impression… Read more “Elizabeth and Hart, Wheaton, IL”

Andy, Arlington Heights, IL

arlington heights room addition for andy and allison

The project was smooth, professional and stress free – not an easy thing to say for such a large remodeling project! From the start, we liked Chris’ ideas and… Read more “Andy, Arlington Heights, IL”

Jim and Sandy, Wheaton, IL

Wheaton Bathroom Remodeling

We now have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL bathroom EVER ! 🙂 Chris Rosseland worked with us throughout the process, always communicating the schedule, answering all our questions and giving great… Read more “Jim and Sandy, Wheaton, IL”

Paul, Basement Remodeling Carol Stream IL

Chris did a great job. All work was done professionally. If there was a problem, it was immediately addressed and corrected. Chris was always available via phone or e-mail.… Read more “Paul, Basement Remodeling Carol Stream IL”

Ken and Audrey, Elgin, IL

kitchen remodeling elgin il

We contacted Chris Rosseland based on his Angie’s List reviews and ratings. He came out and met with us and listened to what we were wanting to accomplish with… Read more “Ken and Audrey, Elgin, IL”

Barbara, Schaumburg IL

This was the best experience I have ever had with a contractor. The house was in poor shape when we first brought it years ago. A lot of work… Read more “Barbara, Schaumburg IL”

Kim and Mark, Schaumburg IL

white traditional kitchen in schaumburg il

Chris’ team is very professional, courteous, reliable, trustworthy, and expert craftsmen. Chris listened to our requests, concerns, needs, and always responded quickly and in a timely fashion. Bottom line;… Read more “Kim and Mark, Schaumburg IL”

Kathy, Hoffman Estates, IL

hoffman estates il basement remodeling

The project took about three months and was seamless. Chris and his team were respectful of our space and did not disrupt the rest of the house – which… Read more “Kathy, Hoffman Estates, IL”

Joyce, Schaumburg, IL

First of all – I LOVE MY NEW KITCHEN!!!! I couldn’t be happier. This was the third project Rosseland Remodeling has done for me and things just got better… Read more “Joyce, Schaumburg, IL”

Joyce McComb

Rainer, Hoffman Estates, IL

Chris with the GC we worked wtih to design and build our 1,100 sq ft addition. Chris finished the project in 5 months. he was very helpful and cooperative… Read more “Rainer, Hoffman Estates, IL”

Michelle and Thom, Arlington Heights, IL

I LOVE ROSSELAND REMODELING!!!! I could not be happier. Chris Rosseland went from a nice, professional contractor to now a loved part of our family. I didn’t take this… Read more “Michelle and Thom, Arlington Heights, IL”

Jeannine, Wheaton, IL

We interviewed several other contractors to do this job, and I am so glad that we hired Chris. From the beginning to the end, he and his crew were… Read more “Jeannine, Wheaton, IL”

Kirk, Streamwood, IL

Our kitchen had been last remodeled in approximately 1990 and was long overdue for a makeover. We wanted to update the design from American Country to a more contemporary… Read more “Kirk, Streamwood, IL”

Kris M., Park Ridge, IL

We purchased a 1250sf 60s split-level home in Park Ridge more or less original condition and hired Rosseland Remodeling to build a 200+ sf addition on the back of… Read more “Kris M., Park Ridge, IL”

Don and Laurie, Room Addition Itasca, IL

From the beginning, a couple of things struck us: 1) Rosseland Remodeling returned our call right away and were out to give us an estimate within a couple of… Read more “Don and Laurie, Room Addition Itasca, IL”

Mark and Diane, Bartlett, IL

From the initial visit through the completion of the project, Chris Rosseland, his employees and his partners were helpful, patient, informative, on-time and on-budget. Pros: Chris Rossland was a… Read more “Mark and Diane, Bartlett, IL”

Tom and Lori, Room Addition and Kitchen in Arlington Heights IL

It can be intimidating to conceive such a project, and Chris’ work and positive attitude reassured us each step of the way. The project, from the first hole in… Read more “Tom and Lori, Room Addition and Kitchen in Arlington Heights IL”

Tom Roth

Ryan and Lori, Bartlett, IL

Basement Remodeling Bartlett IL

How did it go overall? Outstanding! We received Rosseland Remodeling’s telephone number from our local paper. We called and were in touch with the owner, Chris Rosseland. Chris came… Read more “Ryan and Lori, Bartlett, IL”

Nicole, Chicago, IL

shower wall tile

Chris and his team were AMAZING! I was home on maternity leave and the entire 3 week project went flawlessly. He laid out the plan and let us know… Read more “Nicole, Chicago, IL”

Kathleen, Batavia, IL

Overall, the results were beautiful. Everyone who has seen the work has been very impressed.
Though there were some delays due to subcontractors, everything in the end worked… Read more “Kathleen, Batavia, IL”

Catie, West Chicago Home Remodeling

Chris Rosseland gave us our first bid. After he left we knew we wanted to hire him but needed other bids. Everyone else who came in had to live… Read more “Catie, West Chicago Home Remodeling”

Cheryl, Glen Ellyn, IL

There was never a day without workers and the clean up was impeccable every day. I always had access to Chris every time I had a question and if… Read more “Cheryl, Glen Ellyn, IL”

Chris, Room Addition Arlington Heights, IL

room addition arlington heights il

Chris responded to our call for an estimate within the day and made an appointment for the following evening. We immediately liked him and knew that we wanted to… Read more “Chris, Room Addition Arlington Heights, IL”

Jim, Lake Zurich, IL

We decided last year to add onto our house rather than move. We were looking for a builder that wasn’t going to go out of business halfway through the… Read more “Jim, Lake Zurich, IL”

Dave and Heather, Room Addition, Bartlett, IL

We found Rosseland Remodeling through Angie’s List and had Chris Rosseland out to our home. He was very personable and very interested in making our project perfect for us.… Read more “Dave and Heather, Room Addition, Bartlett, IL”

Bill and Janice, South Barrington, IL

Communication was very important to us. Corresponding with Chris was easy and reassuring. We stumbled into some unforeseen challenges as can be expected with many remodel projects, the matters… Read more “Bill and Janice, South Barrington, IL”

Jean, Bathroom Remodel in Batavia, IL

This project was terrific from beginning to end. And not many people can say that about remodeling. Chris always kept my goal in mind. His suggestions were excellent and… Read more “Jean, Bathroom Remodel in Batavia, IL”

Cindy, Naperville, IL

Everything was just how you want your remodeling to go. They did what they said and said what
they did. Everyone was professional and considerate and did outstanding… Read more “Cindy, Naperville, IL”