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Ryan and Lori, Bartlett Basement Remodeling Review;

Rosseland Remodeling completed a full basement remodeling for our home. This remodeling included framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall, carpeting, cabinetry, etc. Rosseland remodeling completed all the framing, plumbing, drywall, and used reliable contractors/retail for the completion of the electric, carpeting, and cabinetry. Rosseland acted as the general contractor for the project.
How did it go overall? Outstanding! We received Rosseland Remodeling’s telephone number from our local paper. We called and were in touch with the owner, Chris Rosseland. Chris came to our house within a day after our original call and met with my wife. My wife was immediately comfortable with him & his approach. Chris provided us a packet of information on his company, his work, general information & questions to ask contractors, and telephone numbers (better business bureau, state of Illinois numbers, etc.). I loved this approach. No other contractors supplied anything like this. We had a design in mind and that is what we had all contractors bid their estimates against. After 5-6 other bids, and after confirming Chris’s references, the choice was abundantly clear. They were able to start shortly after we signed our contract. They started quickly and had people working in our house every day for 7 weeks. Rosseland keeps the work moving & has someone at your house consistently (no week gaps where people aren’t working). Chris personally worked with us to confirm the design & the details of the project prior to the start. The project started with the rough framing which Chris & his team completed. The Electric and HVAC were completed by contractors that Chris has worked extensively with and we were very happy with their work & reliability. The plumbing was completed by Chris’s team, along with drywall hanging. Another contractor was responsible for the taping, sanding, and painting of drywall. Chris & his team then completed all detail work including ceiling, trim, etc. Cabinetry was purchased through another company recommended by Chris and installed by Rosseland. Carpeting was purchased and installed by another company (recommended by Chris). Both the cabinetry and carpeting was included in the estimate via an allowance, so any cost overage was due to our decisions. A delay in the building of the custom cabinetry (out of Rosseland’s control) delayed the completion of the project a little, but was quickly completed once it was in. Before & after work in each of these areas was completed, it was reviewed with us to make sure we were in agreement. The project was a great success overall and is something we are very proud of. Overall Chris Rosseland & his team are fantastic. He is respectful, reliable, and trustworthy. Chris doesn’t nickle & dime you and his price is very fair for the work and reliability. Not cheap, not expensive, well priced. While he let’s you make your own decisions, he will also guide and provide recommendations when appropriate. Our overall experience was very positive & Rosseland Remodeling will be our first choice in the future.

Joyce M. in Schaumburg;

Overall I was very impressed with the work done by Rosseland Remodeling. The estimate was not the lowest but I felt very comfortable with Chris Rosseland. I have had some very bad experiences in the past and I needed someone I could trust and Chis has earned my trust. There were some minor problems as the work progressed and I was VERY impressed with the manner in which the issues were addressed – immediate and complete with no arguments. My needs were well met and I am enjoying my “new” bathroom. I was so pleased that I have asked Rosseland Remodeling to remodel my “guest” bath and to do some much needed work in two of my bedrooms!

Rich and Sue, Bartlett, IL Kitchen Remodel

Our kitchen was totally gutted. A new hardwood floor was installed in the kitchen, powder room, hallway, and entry. All new cabinets, under cabinet lighting, granite countertops, and recessed lighting fixtures were installed and additional upgrades to the existing electrical wiring were done.
After getting quotes for having our kitchen remodeled by 2 large national companies and briefly considering doing our own contracting, we decided to investigate some smaller locally-based contractors. Based on his BBB and Angie’s List grades and his references, we contacted Chris Rosseland and set up an initial meeting. Chris’s professionalism and sincerity were immediately apparent, as was his ability to really listen to what we were saying. Right away we could tell that he “got “us and our vision for our kitchen. We really wanted to work with him, and once we received his proposal, we knew we needn’t look any further for our contractor. We felt like we were safe, that we had someone we could trust, and this feeling was totally confirmed during the course of the remodel.
Chris immediately put us in contact with the people he uses for all the components of a kitchen. Although we had thought that we would just replace the existing cabinets in their original configuration, Nancy, the cabinet designer, came out to the house with Chris and proposed a simple switch in the layout that totally transformed the space and which we would have never imagined. Although we had gone out independently looking at granite, Chris arranged to have his fabricator look at granite with us in order to find the perfect exotic granite that would still fit our budget. Every step of the way, Chris made sure that we were aware of the costs and that we were getting the products that we wanted to make our dream kitchen a reality and yet not overspend our budget. And every subcontractor we dealt with had nothing but praise for Chris, further reassuring us that we had made the right decision in hiring Rosseland Remodeling.
Once remodeling got underway, everything proceeded according to schedule. Everyone who worked in our house was friendly, polite, professional, and meticulous about their work. The worksite was cleaned up before the workers left every day. Having done most of the work on our houses ourselves, we were very careful observers with very high standards. It took a few days before we realized that we didn’t have to be ever-vigilant—Chris and his crew (especially the masterful go-to guy Carlos) found and handled the smallest of details, even ones we might never have noticed. There were ever any bad surprises—only several very pleasant ones! The atmosphere was one of calm and competency. Our happiness and satisfaction was the chief concern, and our completed kitchen has transformed our home—we are very happy and completely satisfied!
Integrity is a virtue that is sometimes sadly lacking in many people and businesses today. But Chris Rosseland exemplifies that trait. We would most heartily recommend Rosseland Remodeling to our family and friends or to anyone who wants a job done very, very right.

Nicole, Chicago bathroom remodeling;

Chris and his team were AMAZING! I was home on maternity leave and the entire 3 week project went flawlessly. He laid out the plan and let us know when to expect what. They even made us aware of days that might be particularly loud, given the often sleeping baby. His team was extremely punctual every day. They were polite and explained the plan for the day in case it changed from what was originally laid out. There was daily clean up so we never had to live with mess. At one point there was an issue with dirt that got on the carpet from the tile portion of the job, and when the project was complete, Chris sent someone to clean the carpets!
I cannot rave enough about how wonderful the entire process was. I only wish our upstairs bathroom was as nice as the one in the basement 🙂 Chris and his team made magic happen in our basement. He took what was once a dingy laundry room and transformed it into our best bathroom in the house, and was able to move our laundry room to a better place, and make is much less dingy too!

Dave and Heather, Bartlett room addition review;

Rosseland Remodeling built us a 16′ x 18′ home addition with an underlying unfinished basement addition. We found Rosseland Remodeling through Angie’s List and had Chris Rosseland out to our home. He was very personable and very interested in making our project perfect for us. His price was very competitive and we liked him, so he got the job. The project moved along at a great pace and did not interrupt our lives at all. The contract spelled out everything and we were never surprised with price add-ons. The architect worked within our town’s building requirements to design just the space we wanted. Once we broke ground, someone was at our home almost every day moving the build along. The siding, flooring, paint, everything matched perfectly with our existing home. They were very clean and kept messy areas taped off until they were done (for example, they had to tear up our basement sealing to run furnace ducts, but they kept that area sealed off until it was all back to normal). Chris even made sure that we didn’t forget things we didn’t want now, but may want later (like a ceiling fan hookup and cable connection), which I really appreciated. Everyone was very professional and if I ever had a question or concern, it was immediately addressed. In addition, my father (who used to be in remodeling) continues to be very impressed with the room that was built. I would hire Rosseland Remodeling again in a heartbeat.

Andy and Allison, Arlington Heights room addition;

This was a very large project. We tore down two existing poorly built rooms. They rested on a slab foundation, which we tore out as well. Once the demolition was done, we had a new foundation (with basement) poured, built a new living room on the first floor, and added a second story addition above that space. It is a little hard to describe, but we went from a single floor family room area on a slab, to a two-story addition over a new basement space. The new basement space was built to extend our existing basement. In addition, we re-roofed, re-sided, and re-guttered the entire house and detached garage. The project was smooth, professional and stress free – not an easy thing to say for such a large remodeling project! From the start, we liked Chris’ ideas and demeanor. As soon as he showed up, he listened carefully to our wants and needs for the project. He immediately suggested some great ideas that we loved. After talking to many contractors, we had a good feeling that Chris was the kind of person we wanted to work with. Rosseland had great references, great reviews on Angies list, and a competitive price. We were sold. Chris helped us to find an architect for a very reasonable price to put together the plans for the addition (thousands less than other architectural bids we had received). He walked us through the design process, in conjunction with the architect, and was always able to put solid estimates to ideas during some fun design sessions. Chris was able to think quickly to help us determine how minor changes to the plans might change the overall price for the project. In short, the planning process was great, and moved at a nice, quick pace. Chris handled all of the permit process with the village, which was a relief as our village is a little ‘temperamental’. When the work started, Chris and his sub-contractors did great work. We especially liked the carpenters and Chris’ partner, Carlos. They were very friendly, willing to explain anything we asked, and very courteous. We had advance notice of all work, so we were always prepared for the next crew of workers. We actually were excited each day to hear about what was going to happen, and to see the project move along. This could have been a very messy project – mud, sawdust, drywall, nails etc. But Chris and his guys were very careful to clean the job site each day, leaving the house quiet and clean by the time we got home from work (4:30pm each day). Our neighbors even commented about how little mess there was during the project. Any remodeling project will run into unexpected situations. When we hit ours, Chris acted with integrity and accountability. When the custom windows we ordered showed up, Chris immediately noticed that they were not of a good build quality. Before I even knew that there was anything wrong, Chris had called out a third party inspector to look them over, had begun the process of sending them back, and had ordered new, upgraded windows. The whole situation could have been stressful for me had I been involved – the vendor did not want to give a refund, the maker disputed their poor build quality. But Chris handled all of it quickly and efficiently. We quickly had the new, nicer windows in place. Overall, I found Chris to be very responsive and communicative. One of my favorite things was that I could email him with a list of questions or issues, and he would quickly respond. Since communicating with your contractor on the phone during the work day can be challenging, this was especially helpful. All-in-all, this was a very good experience. We have undertaken several minor remodeling projects prior to this, and none have gone so smoothly. Chris Rosseland runs a tight ship, and a very professional remodeling company. I would highly recommend Rosseland remodeling to anyone looking for a good, honest, friendly, communicative, and fairly-priced contractor. We will definitely use Rosseland for our next project(s).

Thom and Michelle, Arlington Heights room addition;

Our project consisted of an addition of a 24×22 family room, a basement underneath it, replaced a one car attached garage made a two car attached garage, new siding on entire house, new roofing with new ventilation system for entire house, new driveway, patio, gas fireplace, moved stairs, brick work , new gutters, soffits, fascia, reblew insulation in entire attic, hardwood floors.
I LOVE ROSSLAND CONSTRUCTION!!!! I could not be happier. Chris Rosseland went from a nice, professional contractor to now a loved part of our family.
I didn’t take this remodel lightly; I interviewed 7 companies before deciding on a contractor that I thought would be honest, reasonably priced, and not creepy to have in my home day in and day out. I found that in Chris Rosseland. He has a very kind demeanor to him, and that kindness does not disappears throughout the remodeling process or after. Chris is involved in the entire process and is on the site on a daily basis. His FIRST concern is his customer’s happiness. His crews are also excellent! His crews were here working when they were supposed to, always on time, and sometimes even on the weekends. They were always polite and respectful of our family, and they did excellent work. None of the framing was prefabricated, all was constructed on site. Chris noticed my drain tiles were not draining properly and installed a new sump pump in the addition area. The attention to details was really impressive. If I wasn’t happy with something, all I had to do was tell him and he had it fixed, usually next day, no questions asked. The progress was ongoing; there was no “dead time”. Each day I’d come home and think “Wow look at all the work they got done today”. On days I was home I never felt like my space was invaded by strangers, they were very respectful. Especially since I have little ears around, there was not any cursing or disrespectful language that we heard also there was not any trash left around or cigarette butts. The work was done on time and on budget. I have referred Rosseland Remodeling to my friends, family, and coworkers, and neighbors. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Rosseland remodeling on any project. Its funny because I see a home not far from mine that is having similar work done to it but by a different contractor , and I feel sorry for the people because they’re home is still being worked on today. We were done in July, and have been enjoying our new space ever since. Rosseland Remodeling is wonderful.

We really do appreciate the time it takes to sit down, take time out of your busy day and write about your experience with us. It really helps us to get the word out and let potential customers know they can trust us. It also helps us continually improve our process.

Thank you very much!
Chris Rosseland
President Rosseland Remodeling, Inc.

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