This Naperville kitchen remodeling case study is completed

Following is a timeline and pictures.

The homeowner was ready to bring this kitchen into the 21st century. Having decided to stay in their home for a long time it’s time to invest in a kitchen worthy of this beautiful home in Naperville. The homeowner decided to go with white cabinetry, white tile and white quartz counter tops. All of us at Rosseland Remodeling are excited about this project.

The existing hardwood floors are in great condition so we will protect them during the renovation. The existing lighting has also been upgraded over the years so the only additional lighting will be under the wall cabinets and inside the cabinets with the glass doors.

Careful Deconstruction-not “Demolition”!

Last week Tuesday, January 31st 2017 we did the demolition. There weren’t any surprises so that was a good day.

Tuesday, The first day we installed the floor protection because the existing hardwood floors are in great condition. That afternoon we removed all of the existing granite.

Wednesday February 1st we completed the removal of the cabinetry and drywall. We only had to remove the drywall enough for the electrician and plumber to do their work.

Thursday February 2nd our plumbing contractor lowered the drain for the new sink. This is necessary to accommodate today’s deeper sinks. He also relocated the gas line and the ice maker line to the new locations. Most appliances have very specific location requirements for electric, gas and water hook ups. It’s important to have all the appliance specifications prior to starting any kitchen remodeling project.

Friday February 3rd the electricians relocated some outlets and roughed in the necessary electric for the new cabinet lighting and appliances.

Naperville Building inspections

Monday February 6th we had the electrical and plumbing inspectors come out for the rough inspections. Everything passed so it was another great day.

This Naperville kitchen remodeling project is very exciting for the homeowners. They’ve waited a long time for this.

Tuesday February 7th we are installing the drywall. It’s a dusty part of the job but we have plastic barriers up to contain it as best we can.

Wednesday February 8th the drywall contractor will be taping and sanding. Thursday is the cabinet delivery. This Naperville kitchen remodeling project is going to be a place where the owner loves to hang out! Once we get past the dust it’ll be much nicer.

Thursday February  9th, cabinets were delivered today.

Friday February 10th, Cabinet installation begins. Our installer and Master Trim Carpenter is very meticulous. He uses a laser level to set up and mark where the cabinets will be located. He also studies the drawings well in advance to be sure not to miss anything and to confirm everything is correct. Best to do that ahead of time to avoid delays.

Monday February 13th through Wednesday February 15th, cabinet installation

Kitchen remodeling Naperville IL
Kitchen design and remodeling Naperville il

Quartz Countertops

Friday the counter top contractor will measure for the new Quartz counter tops. The wall cabinets on the right will sit right on the counter top so those will have to be installed later. Our counter top installer, Ultimate Stone, has been installing our counter tops for several years. They are one of the best in the area. They consistently meet our schedule requirements and their workmanship is fantastic.

Thursday February 16th. Today we installed the cabinet pulls. They are acrylic with chrome accents.

Friday February 17th. Today the counter top supplier measured for the new Carrara Gioia Quartz. It has the look of marble without the maintenance.

Monday February 20th, The electricians are here today to get the electrical work completed in the island before the counter tops are installed. We’ll need electric for the microwave drawer and the warming drawer. We also need a receptacle on each end of the island. It’s nice to work with an electrical contractor experienced in remodeling. Kitchen remodeling usually requires a few trips for the electrician. We have worked with On Electric, Inc for several years and we really appreciate the great work they do.

Tuesday February 21st, just some drywall patching and touch ups happening today.

Wednesday February 22nd, no work today. Just waiting for the counter tops which are arriving tomorrow.

Thursday February 23rd, The quartz counter tops are here! The installers will drill the hole for the faucet and the hole for the Kegerator once the tops are installed. They also install the undermount sink.

Drilling for new kitchen faucet

Friday February 24th. The plumbers are here to install the new faucet, disposal and install a valve on the gas line for the new range. We also have to install a larger water meter to comply with Naperville’s building code. The water meter size is based on the number of plumbing fixtures in a home.

Monday February 27th. The electricians are wrapping up the installation of the under cabinet and interior cabinet LED lighting. The trim carpenter is also installing the black floating shelf and the finishing touches on the cabinets. Paul is one of the best trim carpenters I have ever worked with.

Electrical work in kitchen in Naperville IL kitchen remodeling during photograph in Naperville IL

Kitchen Appliances

Tuesday February 28th,

Today the appliances are being installed. We’re getting close to wrapping up this stunning kitchen! Novak and Parker supplied the appliances. This is going to be an amazing kitchen to work in.

There is an issue with a couple appliance items. The panel cover for the refrigerator wasn’t delivered. supplier said it was back ordered. Well it’s still usable so that’s good. And the range hood, being special order, won’t be in for a few more weeks. But we’ll be ready for it! It happens sometimes. This new kitchen will certainly be worth the wait.

Tile and mirror backsplash

Tomorrow the tile installer will start installing the backsplash. More pictures to come!

Wednesday March 1st, Tile installer is installing the white tile backsplash. Tomorrow he will install the mirror tiles at the bar area and grout the white tile. The white on white on white is going to look amazing.

The painter is also working today. The color of the walls is going to be Benjamin Moore, Regal Select Matte finish Simply White.

White tile backsplash

So now we wait for the range hood to be delivered. It is custom ordered and we just heard it’s in the paint department at Vent-a-hood. Once the hood is installed we’ll have professional photographs taken.



Review from this homeowner!

Our experience with Chris and Rosseland remodeling could not have been better! Our Naperville kitchen remodeling project went smoothly and we love our new kitchen. Chris is so trustworthy and he makes sure everything is done right. He was at our house each day and always let us know what was going on. Our kitchen was done ahead of schedule and it turned out even better than we could have imagined! Chris and everyone in his crew is very professional. We would highly recommend Chris and Rosseland Remodeling for any project in your home.

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Photo Gallery of this Completed Kitchen in Naperville