Making your home energy-efficient is more important than ever, not only to save money but also to lessen our carbon footprint on the environment. One of the easiest rooms in the home to make changes to is the bathroom. Bathroom remodeling is the ideal time to replace your current fixtures with energy-saving ones, but some are so easy that you can also make these changes on your own or as part of a minor update. Take a look at the following energy-saving ideas to include in one or more of your bathrooms.

High-Efficiency Shower heads

Many shower heads that are only a few years old are already outdated and if you have one that is several decades old, you are really wasting gallons of water every time you shower. Newer high-efficiency, Water Sense Kohler shower heads maintain pressure and don’t sacrifice water flow like earlier models did. You probably won’t feel a difference once you swap one out.

Water Sense efficient shower trim

High Efficiency Faucets

Just like shower heads, high-efficiency faucet aerators are easy to install and can reduce your water usage by at least half immediately. Faucet aerators are one of the cheapest options for reducing the water usage in your home too, making the payback period super fast. Newer models are also designed to keep pressure high while reducing the flow.

Kohler water sense energy efficient faucet

Low-Flow Toilets

Many newer homes and some public facilities have low-flow, dual flush toilets installed. These Kohler toilets allow you to control the amount of water used for each flush, which can save plenty of water in the long run.

kohler energy efficient toilet


Not all bathrooms have windows but if yours does, consider investing in a new ENERGY STAR rated window that is insulated with argon gas and low e glass. It will keep your bathroom from becoming too hot or too cold.


How many light bulbs do you have in your bathroom. If you have four or more, chances are you are over lighting the area. Swap out older fixtures for contemporary ones with fewer bulbs. Use energy efficient CFL or LED bulbs and consider installing dimmers to reduce your electrical usage even more.

Change Your Habits

Small changes in your daily bathroom habits can also help save money.

Remember to unplug every device you use, from hair dryers to electric razors, after you’re done using it to see savings on your energy bill. Even if the device is powered off, it still consumes small amounts of energy. The best way to conserve energy is to completely unplug them.

Turn off the water as you brush your teeth or wash your face. If you leave the water running, you use four to five gallons of water. Imagine doing that three times a day and you can understand how much water you use just by leaving the faucet on.

Are you guilty of starting the shower then leaving the room to do something else? Instead of attending to other parts of your morning or evening routine, jump in when you turn the water on. You could save up to $65 per year.

If you’re interested in installing energy-saving fixtures, talk to Chris at Rosseland Remodeling about your needs. He’ll be happy to help you select appropriate fixtures for your new bathroom.