Home Remodeling Does Not Have to be Stressful or Disruptive. Why the “During” is as Important as the “Before” and “After” During a Home Remodeling Job

Many homeowners stress when they think about all the dust, disruption and annoyance that a remodeling project can bring, and they may miss out on the joy, satisfaction and happiness that comes with trading in dated rooms for an exquisitely designed, perfectly executed kitchen, bathroom or basement.

The before and after pictures you see are tempting, but is it really worth putting yourself through the mess and aggravation that is sure to result from turning your home into a construction zone, or having to live in a hotel for several months? 85 percent of homeowners surveyed said remodeling dust was the most serious inconvenience of their entire remodeling project. Those concerns were valid once a upon a time and quite a few contractors still live in that world, but we don’t, and you don’t have to either. You also don’t have to move out of your home if you don’t want to. Most of our clients stay in their home during the remodeling work.

Livable remodeling is an awesome process. Don’t hire contractors if they don’t know what it is or don’t apply it.

image of a family cooking during a remodeling project

What is Livable Remodeling?

It is about more than just keeping the work area clean. Livable remodeling includes safety, health, common courtesy, delivering on time and on budget, and addressing anything that is likely to cause you stress in a timely responsive fashion. Before we start the job, we develop a livability plan and go over it with you in detail to adjust it to your unique needs.

Air Filtration Keeps Your Home’s Air Safe and Healthy

We carefully isolate the construction areas with a protective plastic dust barrier. We stay on top of the latest technological advances in air cleaning and have chosen the top of the line BuildClean air scrubber, an air filtration system that consistently cleans the air, by removing fine particles and dust from the construction zone so your family can breathe clean and healthy air.

image of a hepa air filter being used during a remodeling project

Removing Other Stressors

We take great care to minimize the impact we have on your daily life by staying out of your way, and by being considerate and courteous to all members of your family.

Chris and his team go above and beyond by being diligent communicators, keeping you up to date and being readily available for any questions or concerns you may have. We develop and adhere to a detailed schedule to give your project the necessary time and attention to detail required to do a superb job, while finishing on time and staying ahead of any potential scheduling conflicts.  The owner Chris Rosseland is involved daily in managing the project, anticipating and resolving any possible issues before they turn into stressors for you.

If this sounds too good to be true, read our reviews.  We work hard to earn your trust and those 5 star ratings on Angie’s lists, Yelp, etc. and the Better Business Bureau’s A+ rating.