Which Colors are Best for a Kitchen Renovation

If you are thinking of kitchen remodeling that will totally change the look of your home, one of the things you don’t want to do is date it. Nothing dates an area more quickly than choosing the trendiest colors of the moment. What is hot today can look old a decade from now. Fortunately, there are a number of classic colors and kitchen color combinations that remain timeless and will make your kitchen look just as fresh years from now as it does today. Consider these colors when planning your new kitchen.

All Shades of Blue

If you choose just one shade of blue, it’s bound to become outdated in a few years but if you choose multiple shades, it won’t. That’s because blue in some form is always in style. If you go with a combination of blues and neutrals, you can add accents over the years to update the look.

Other combinations that are timeless are green-blues and purple blues, as both tend to be monochromatic. Blue and grey combinations have been around for generations as the cool vibe these colors produce is as neutral as they are gorgeous. A variation on that is blue and white with a touch of gold, which will give you a cool, chic and classic look. If you want to add a touch of sparkle to your kitchen, add touches of white and silver to your color scheme.

White and Its Relatives

Making everything white, from the tile and paint on the walls to the appliances produces a clean look that never goes out of style. White, however, may be paired with a few other colors to produce interesting and long lasting combinations.

Black and white schemes, particularly when paired with checkerboard floors result in an iconic style. Only use about 10 to 20 percent black for the best results. Consider a black window sash for a timeless detail. This is also a good, non-intrusive way to add black into your kitchen. Black is also one of the muted colors that is making a comeback for wall paint.

White, along with black, also works well with wood floors and wood accents. Larger kitchens can make use of black cabinets, while smaller ones need to keep black to a minimum.

Off-whites paired with whites are ideal for those who find an all white kitchen too stark. Use pure white for accents to maintain a vital look.

Italian Red

Also called tomato red is always appropriate in a kitchen. Just don’t overdo it. Pair it with black for a classic combination. Muted red cabinets, especially in lower areas is always an excellent choice. Refer to your favorite Italian food package for inspiration.

Speaking of Red, White and Blue

A patriotic theme incorporating white is a classic kitchen trio. Choose cabinets in darker blues and white and leave the red for accents.

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