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Our Home Remodeling Process

Rosseland Remodeling is highly rated as remodeling specialists in the Chicago suburban areas. Our process has developed longevity …because it works. This all-inclusive, stress free way of operating delivers incredible results. Your house will now be a home.

Initial Consultation

When you contact us, we will immediately give you the one-on-one consultation you deserve. We will discuss the scope of work you want, budget guidelines and realistic time frame of the project. Next, we will schedule a time to assess your project.
We answer any initial questions you may have and offer our expert design advice within your proposed budget. This session provides the groundwork for the entirety of the project. This is the creative part of the process! Once everything has been agreed upon, we move forward to prepare a detailed proposal. The detailed proposal includes allowances for cabinetry, counter tops, plumbing installations and more.


Our expert in-house designer will begin designing your selected blueprints. We ensure no construction will occur until you have given the final green light on the project. We aim to obtain your complete satisfaction and bring your vision to life.

design drawing of a new kitchen


As seen on TV, this is the most fun part of the project: shopping! For the best outcome, it is wise to select the appropriate counter tops, tile, lights and plumbing fixture before the design drawings are customized for you. This allows our in-house designer to fully integrate your real life appliances into the design plan.


During your shopping process, we take the liberty of scheduling your home remodeling project. We plan all of our projects accordingly to dedicate maximum time to each project. Overbooking and cutting corners does not happen here at Rosseland Remodeling.
Once we provide you with a detailed schedule of the reconstruction, including each stage of the project, we are ready to begin. You will be informed of each step far enough in advance to minimize any potential scheduling conflict that may arise.

sample of a schedule for a kitchen remodeling project


Chris Rosseland will be your main point of contact throughout the duration of the remodeling process. He takes accountability and responsibility for daily supervision and all aspects of the project. He goes above and beyond to ensure the project is running smoothly and according to plan. He is an expert project manager and prides his ability to carefully detect any issue that may arise.

He knows your home is not just another job site; it is where you family resides and where memories are made. We are guests in your home and take the utmost care in our project execution. We keep the area as safe and clean as possible.

We make it a point to remain as unobtrusive as possible so as to not interfere with your daily life. We aim to minimize our impact by being mindful of the surroundings and potential sawdust, scrap, etc. that may be around.

We believe in a livable remodeling process. This is the idea that the entire process does not have to throw your life off track. We utilize a top of the line air filter system that consistently cleans the air of any residual dust and/or particles. We additionally provide a protective plastic dust barrier to minimize construction particles from leaving the work area.

Home is Where the Heart Is

Your heart will fall in love with your new home. And you’ll be surprised at just how easy the whole process can be! With the proper plan, the right experts and incredible designers, you’ll see why our long list of happy clients keep returning.
We rely on referrals and repeat business. We continue to exceed your expectations and will show you the utmost respect throughout the reconstruction process. Our reviews prove how serious we take our projects and the pride we have in our work.