Our Process

You may find learning about our home remodeling process helpful. We also think it’s important because it highlights the aspects that make us stand out.

1st: Let’s Talk! 

Once you contact us about your project, we’ll schedule a visit to look over the project, and discuss your plans and ideas. We’ll answer questions, offer suggestions, and discuss budget guidelines. We’ll then provide a clear remodeling project proposal, with zero pressure to sign anything. If the proposal and budget guidelines are comfortable for you we will move forward to the design stage.

2nd: When You Hire Us

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we schedule your project. We schedule jobs very intelligently, and are careful not to overbook. We provide you with a written schedule and stick to it!

Then the design and permit process begins. We secure all necessary permits, provide designs (if needed), and go over all preliminaries. Then we procure materials and get to work!

3rd: The Work Begins

We then get to work (on time, no less!) Chris Rosseland will be your contact throughout the job, and is the person responsible for the daily supervision and scheduling of the project – in other words, he makes sure things get done, and done right! And we already mentioned “on time”, but in our industry that’s something worth repeating. We show up when we’re supposed to. And if we can’t (e.g., weather issues/etc.), we’ll call you. Because that’s what professionals do.

Let’s discuss the jobsite for a moment because that’s also important. We don’t ever forget,  not for one second that we are guests in your home. We keep the jobsite as clean and safe as possible, and put a premium on being as unobtrusive as possible. Yes, there will be noise, sawdust, scrap, and more but we work to minimize our impact on your daily life and make “cleaning up” as important as any other aspect of the job.

4th: You’re Happy with our completed home remodeling process.

It’s that simple. You will love what we do, and how easy it all was. Really.

At Rosseland Remodeling, we have a philosophy that works:

  • We listen to our client’s needs, ideas, and budget.
  • We design creative solutions to meet homeowners’ desires.
  • We provide superior quality in both design and remodeling.
  • We keep our clients up-to-date every step of the way.

To learn more about our home remodeling process or to discuss a project and get a quote, contact us at 847-791-5886.

remodeling process completed


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