Home remodeling mistakes no one wants to make

Whether you’re planning on opening up your kitchen, redoing your bathrooms, or remodeling your basement, a home remodel can be a complex undertaking—especially for new homeowners. Knowing what to prioritize or focus on can be a challenge. From improper planning and budgeting to hiring the wrong professionals for the job, here are the biggest home remodeling mistakes you’ll want to avoid on your project.

Planning too big, budgeting too small

For many homeowners starting their first major home remodel, there’s just so much to do. This often leads to a critical mistake: biting off more than you can chew. When setting your project budget and timeline, calculate in some wiggle room. Home remodeling projects rarely go exactly according to plan, so you’ll want to make sure you plan ahead for extra costs or delays that push the completion date out.

One potential way to address this issue is by breaking the project up into smaller parts (such as “kitchen upgrade” or “master bathroom”), each with their own budgets and timelines. Avoid the temptation to tackle all your home or kitchen remodeling dreams in one big project.

Prioritizing form over function

Aesthetics are important. After all, every homeowner envisions what their home will look like at the end of the project. However, make sure that your remodeling and renovation plans make functionality the priority. Think of this as what you need over what you want. Yes, that more expensive tile looks great, but using those funds to open up the kitchen instead would really make the space more useful and inviting.

On that same note, take care of home essentials first. Consider your home’s cooling and heating. Adding insulation to your attic, sealing leaking duct work, or adding caulking around windows and doors might not be the most visible part of your home remodel, but it will help your home use energy more efficiently, saving you money for years to come. Making energy-efficient upgrades to your home—including replacing an older air conditioner or furnace with a newer, efficient system—can really pay off down the road.

Choosing cheap people and materials

Everyone loves getting a great deal. However, there’s a difference between finding a trustworthy contractor with fair quotes as opposed to just going with the cheapest people available. Pick the latter, and you’re going to have problems. Many parts of your home remodel require the work of an experienced professional.

Take your master bathroom, for instance. Having an amateur slope the shower for drainage or install a toilet could end in disaster. To be done right, bathroom remodeling projects require a professional with plumbing installation experience. The same principle applies to the materials used in your remodel. Cheap tile, fixtures, faucets, and pipes just aren’t likely to last long or stand up to the wear-and-tear of day-to-day use.

Our recommendation? Work with an experienced contractor who can point you toward high-quality materials and tools they’ve used before on other projects. Taking the time to hire the right people for your remodel can make a world of difference.