Change orders are a document created when some aspect of the remodeling project changes. If there’s a cost difference in the particular scope of work or product we will provide a change order so you can be assured there are no cost surprises at the end of the project. This is common among reputable remodeling and home building companies.

The most common change orders are:

  • Upgrades, or downgrades of materials originally selected by the homeowner
  • Additional work requested by the homeowner that wasn’t part of the original scope of work
  • A decrease in the scope of work should also be handled by a change order if a credit is due to you, the homeowner.
  • Unforeseen conditions which could not have been known

It is important to keep the number of change orders to a minimum. That is why we work hard to get as many product selections confirmed before we start your kitchen remodeling, bathroom or basement remodeling project. Change orders can increase the time your project takes to complete if not handled immediately.