Most remodeling projects require a building permit. We firmly believe in securing permits where required. Building codes are in place for personal health and safety as well as protecting your home’s value and usability. Municipal building inspectors are there for your protection. They are another set of eyes inspecting the work done to ensure it meets the current building codes and regulations. Sometimes even the best contractors will overlook something so it is valuable to have a third party conduct their inspections. Remember, building codes are actually a minimum requirement. Rosseland Remodeling typically tries to exceed them.

Sometimes contractors try to get by without securing a permit. This is usually a sign they want to use unskilled and non-licensed workers to save money. Furthermore, should you decide to ever sell your home it must be disclosed whether or not any permitted or non-permitted work has been done.

It’s always a good idea to contact your local municipal building department to ask about which projects may require a permit.