Easy Renovations That Can Increase the Value of Your Home

When you own your home, you have a great asset. If you were ever to sell, an easy renovation can maximize your selling price. Whether you are a lifer in your home or are planting the For Sale sign in the front lawn, home renovation is the fastest way to increase the value and appeal of your home.

Here’s several easy renovations that will get you on the right path:

Clean Up the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is why a simple rejuvenation of the kitchen can add up to as much as 6% of the present value to your home. Simply upgrading your kitchen appliances is the perfect place to start. Next, changing the cupboard doors and painting a new color offers a fresh, contemporary feel to an outdated kitchen.

Want a step further? Try replacing your counter tops with an inexpensive piece of granite.

kitchen remodeling by Rosseland Remodeling

Reinvent Your Dining Room

Long gone are the days of formal dining rooms with the China used only on special occasions. The new craze is reinventing your dining room into an extra room. A home office ranks among the most popular. Throw up a few bookshelves, a desk and a chair and you’ve got a studious study to work from home.

No need for an office? Create a sacred space to relax and rejuvenate. A home library and sitting room is the perfect place to read a book and enjoy some downtime.


Paint Makeover

A new coat of paint is all it takes to refresh your entire home. Cost effective and easy with the use of painter’s tape, repainting your interior or exterior quickly adds value and appeal to your home. Neutral tones are most attractive to the majority of potential buyers.

If you want to get creative, add an accent wall to one of two walls in a four-wall room. Need more drama? Paint all walls dark; this blurs the edge line and makes the room look even bigger! Not into painting? Fun wallpaper will do the trick.

Kitchen Remodel as part of a room addition in Park Ridge IL

Brighten That Bathroom

Without the heavy cost of replacing the vanity, changing the cupboard doors really upgrades the bathroom. Aim for light and bright! No one wants to relax in a dreary old bathroom. Switch out the raggedy, used hand towels for fresh, fluffy towels.

Include matching soap dish or dispenser and hang complimenting pictures on the wall. Final step: switch out the shower curtain. Cost effective and easy.

Schaumburg Bathroom Remodel for Diane Graese

How We Can Help

If you are looking to renovate in the Chicago area, Rosseland Remodeling is here to get you started. We are a top industry home remodeling company since 1999. Our kitchen, basement and bathroom remodeling projects have earned us the highest rankings from all our satisfied customers.

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