Basements have long suffered from having bad reputations. Often dark and dirty, they are a haven for cobwebs, spiders and other creepy crawlies. However, with a little planning and a great contractor, you can turn your basement into extra livable space that will add value to your home. Many times, we at Rosseland Remodeling encounter customers who want to do something with their basement but have no idea what they want. The simplest answer to this problem is what are your needs? Are toys and fitness equipment cluttering your family room or living room? Do you entertain family and friends often? Would you like a comfortable area to watch television and movies? Maybe a relaxing retreat is something you desperately need? These are common reasons for basement remodeling. Read on for more inspiration.

Create a Multi Activity Space

A large open space with storage along the walls is great for a variety of uses that include a play area for children and a craft or hobby area for adults. If your space is large enough, you can include that bulky treadmill or exercise bike in one corner. Designing a multi-space area that will fit a variety of needs is one way to keep costs down.  Minimalist design is popular at the moment, and works well when designing a multi-activity space. You can also transfer items that are currently cluttering the main living areas of your home so you won’t have to spend a lot of extra money on furniture.

image of a finished basement in the Chicago suburbs

Family Gathering/Bar Area

Installing a basement bar can be expensive as you have to run plumbing lines to the area, not to mention the cabinetry, stools and other furniture needed to decorate the area. However, if you hold frequent family gathering, such an area can easily pay for itself through the enjoyment you get out of it. You can also pair this area with a small wine cellar, if you so choose, or if you’re into brewing beer, make this activity part of the area for a conversation piece. Remember, the larger you get, the more expensive. Keep your basement bar confined to a small area that is still large enough for your purposes yet won’t cost an exorbitant amount of money.

Home Theater

Creating a home theater is one of the most popular options available for your basement. As most basements have little natural light filtering into the area, the basement is a natural for the dark atmosphere required to mimic a theater setting.  What’s more is you can easily add theater-style seating, large flat screen televisions and home theater systems that can easily bring the movie experience into your home.

image of a home theatre

Man Cave/Woman Cave/Relaxation Area

Have you always wanted to create a space that personified you? Turning the area into a man cave where you can display sports memorabilia or the feminine equivalent, a woman cave, where you can relax, is another easy idea.

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