Most homeowners that we work with for kitchen renovations in Chicago’s suburbs will eventually move out of their homes. Gone are the days when a family lived in their home for 40 years or more. Sure, that still happens, but when remodeling a kitchen these days, you probably need to think about the value that certain components will have for the next owner of your home. In other words, you want to please your own aesthetics but not go too far out of the box to deter a future buyer.

When in the process of choosing kitchen countertops, you should take three things into consideration: potential resale value, whether the style and color choices will be easy to integrate with future decorating trends and overall ease of care and maintenance. Here are some ideas that you’ll want to keep in mind when discussing countertop choices with our kitchen designer.

Consider Your Choices Versus Your Home’s Future Value

It’s important that you select kitchen countertops that meet your aesthetic needs, but you also need to create an appealing space for future home buyers. The average contemporary family remains in their home for 7 to 10 years. Many people don’t want fixer-uppers; they want to move into a live-in ready home. Some materials such as the perennial favorite granite, quartz and even Corian, can add value to your home. Your countertop remodeling choice needs to be timeless and add as much value as possible.

Choose Smart Color Schemes

Decorating trends change. You don’t want to change counter tops after just five years. Choose a color scheme that is neutral or varied enough so decorating choices in the future will work with what you choose. Selecting earth tones or more neutral colors and patterns will ensure you are not locking yourself into a specific design theme. It also reinforces the first point, to select something that most people will be attracted to in case you decide to sell your home in the near future.

picture of a quartz counter top

Long-Term Maintenance

To keep your kitchen counter tops in prime condition, they will require routine maintenance, in most circumstances. Generally, our customers want countertop materials that don’t require sealing to prevent water damage and/or staining.

If you want a product with less maintenance, select a quartz countertop that is engineered to bring you the best in high-end looks along with less maintenance. Quartz is generally about 20% higher in cost. Granite is definitely gorgeous but remember it requires sealing on a yearly basis to retain its good looks.

What Should I Choose?

Counter top choices are almost endless in contemporary design. Some contemporary deigns even call for metals such as steel as a work surface. When budget is a consideration, laminate tops are another low-cost consideration. Remember to keep functionality in mind when choosing your surface.

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