One trend that has made a comeback in home remodeling is brass fixtures

Wait around long enough and trends will return.  That’s right, brass has quietly made a comeback over the last several years, appearing in kitchen and bath remodels and more. However, this is not your mother’s or your grandmother’s brass as it’s not shiny, overpowering or, to be blunt, as “brassy” as in the past.

Instead, brass is much more understated and luxurious. It’s now part of an overall design in a room that just hints at luxury. You may have an initial negative reaction to brass and think of brushed nickel or stainless steel as the go-to for fixtures. By adjusting your perspective on brass, you’ll see just how much it has to offer.

bathroom faucet and accesories brass

Use Brass as an Accessory

Just as jewelry trends have transitioned from sterling silver to gold and back to white gold and even platinum, the décor aesthetic has transitioned from stainless steel and nickel back to brass. Decorative trends are becoming more shiny and reflective with Lucite and brass coming to the forefront. The trick is to use it in a minimal and tasteful manner.

Adding brass fixtures and accents will give your remodeling project classic styling, timeless beauty and an endearing quality. Examples of using brass in a minimal manner include interior door hardware and doorknobs, pulls, knockers, hookers, cabinet hardware, electrical cover plates and bath accessories.

Lighting Brass Fixtures

Lighting is a good way to add brass to your project. You can still use brass chandeliers to for your foyer or over a dining room table, but brass has found its way into a more modern, sometimes brush look. Consider including a pendant lamp or two in your kitchen. Pendant lamps with a brass interior will give your kitchen a warm, inviting glow, while the exterior shade in a different color will tone down the “brassiness” of the look. Consider large contemporary pendants in place of chandeliers when you want to make a statement in a room.

In the Kitchenbrass fixtures in the kitchen by Kohler

If you want a focal point in your kitchen, think about a brass range hood. What was previously fabricated in stainless steel can also be done in brushed brass. The entire hood can be manufactured from brass or simply the lining, similar to some pendant lights. Lest you think that brass may also take the place of stainless steel for refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers, think again. Appliance manufacturers don’t have any plans—at least not yet.


Bathroom Warmth with Brass Fixtures

The bathroom is an ideal place for brass fixtures and decorative sinks placed on top of open vanities. Brass brings a warm element into bathrooms with white and pale walls and tiling. Choose forged all-brass faucet bodies as they are smoother and dense and less likely to leak than lighter cast brass models. They’re also less likely to corrode.

brass fixtures in the bathroom

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