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bathroom remodeling project in the Chicago area

Bathroom Remodeling Made Easy

Whether your bathroom is large or small, you owe it to yourself to think it through before beginning.  Rosseland Remodeling is here to help. Bathroom remodeling is one of the most rewarding projects you can accomplish in your home, but it can also be one of the most nerve wracking. As seasoned remodeling professionals, Rosseland Remodeling takes all the necessary steps to ensure that you get the new bathroom that you have always wanted, on time and on budget.

A Great Return on Investment Starts With Sound Design

Bathroom remodeling ranks as one of the highest returns on investment for home improvement projects. Depending on whether you want a simple upgrade or a major overhaul, a bathroom remodel can return 60 to 110%.  Remodeling your bathroom is even more important if you only have one full bath in your home.  The best way to get a higher return on investment is through sound design.

No matter what your budget, making sure that the design fits your needs as well as the space you have will provide a satisfactory return on investment, but more importantly will also result in your complete satisfaction with the completed project.  You can also expect updating of bathrooms that are several decades old to provide a higher return on investment.

The Bathroom Design Process

Many of our customers already have ideas of what they want in a bathroom but some don’t. We will sit down with you to thoroughly listen to your needs, budget and the like.  Our designer has many yeas of experience in creating beautiful and practical bathrooms that fit the lifestyles of suburban Chicago homeowners.

When determining the scope of your project, we will discuss these essential elements:

Layout: Do you want your floor plan to remain the same or do you want to change the location of walls, plumbing, fixtures and vanities to make the space more functional?

Shower or tub: Many people now eliminate tubs in their homes in favor of walk-in showers. Is a tub still essential for your needs?  Think about what will work best for your family.

Toilet and other fixtures: If your toilet is 15 or 20 years old, you may be surprised at the available options.  Typical options on contemporary toilets include dual flush mechanisms, height, shape and color selections.  Faucets and showerheads are two other fixtures that homeowners should carefully consider as the market not only has a wealth of styles but also options that can reduce water use along with your water bill.

Vanities and cabinets: Styling, storage and functionality are often defined by today’s vanities and cabinets. Many contemporary designs offer open accessibility for vanities, while cabinets are a stylish was to add more storage.  You’ll have a lot of design options here, including color and hardware.  A remodeling project is a good time to add storage space.

Electrical: Performing bathroom remodeling gives you an excellent chance to assess the electrical capabilities in this area.  You need sufficient outlets to provide access for shaving, applying makeup and the like, as well as power for an exhaust fan that is properly ducted to remove moisture from the area. You’ll also want to make sure that your GFCI outlets are working properly.

Walls and Flooring: You will need to determine your color scheme and consider whether you want to install tile, natural stone, laminate or other surfaces in your new bathroom.

Types of Bathroom Styles

Choosing the materials for your bathroom remodel is usually dictated by the style you want.  The selection can be overwhelming, but our designer can help you choose the best materials for your style needs and budget.  You’ll find these common styles in today’s contemporary bathrooms.

Vintage Charm

Create old time charm in your bathroom by using wainscoting, crown molding, pedestal sink, clawfoot tubs and basket-weave or hexagon tile.

Rustic and Natural

Bring the outdoors inside with a natural, seashore or rustic-looking bathroom.  Earthy tones like tan, sage green, brown and grey along with natural textures such as wood, stone and metals can help accomplish this look.

Clean and Simple

Streamlined bathrooms are one of today’s most popular designs.  If you want less clutter and cleaner lines and an ethereal feeling, this is the look for you.  Colors such as light blue, white and grey can accomplish this look.


Related to clean and simple are contemporary bathrooms, which offer a clean and minimal look along with modern elements.


This type of design combines the best of modern or contemporary design along with traditional elements for a timeless look.


These bathrooms have a warm, classic look that use soft, neutral colors and usually have more attention to detail and ornamentation that modern designs.

Rosseland Remodeling Handles Everything, Including the Unexpected

Bathroom remodeling is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced, amateur contractors.  That’s because bathrooms are often located in small, hard to reach places, plus they have more than the usual number of design elements to consider.  Often when dealing with outdated plumbing and electrical installations, or when changing the layout that involves opening walls, unexpected problems can occur.  Our many years of experience allows us to handle any situation, resulting in a bathroom that will not only satisfy all building codes but will also be one that you’ll absolutely love.  Our professionalism and dedication means that we will be with you every step of the way.