The last several years have seen bathrooms become more than just a place to clean up. They have become retreats where you can relax and get away from the cares of the world. To that end, trends for 2019 are not only encompassing luxury but also some practical elements. Look at these current trends for some inspiration for your upcoming bathroom remodeling project.

High-Tech Upgrades

Smart toilets have been the rage for a year or two now, but when it comes to 2019, the entire bathroom is going high tech. Toilet seat warmers, automatic lid openers, built-in deodorizers and more are all the rage, along with smart showers and automatic sinks. Pick and choose your high–tech amenities to fit your budget. Choose from voice-activated features for lighting and temperature, smart mirrors and other features that transform your bathroom into a day spa. Heated towel racks have become popular, not only to dry wet towels but to also warm up the room. They also save space and help keep your bathroom free of clutter.

Vintage Design

Remember the adage that says what is old is new again? That’s what is happening with bathroom design. Vintage mirrors or unique light fixtures, which you can sometimes find at thrift shops or garage sales, can give your bathroom an interesting vibe. Re purposed old dressers into vanities can also achieve this vibe. Pairing these pieces with patterned ceramic tiles can help achieve this look.

bathroom remodeling trend black and white

Terrazzo: The New Natural Look

Ceramic or porcelain is often everywhere in a new bathroom design with bathroom tiles coming in a variety of shapes and patterns. There’s a new kid on the block and it’s called Terrazzo. It’s a composite material made of a combination of marble, quartz and other compatible material. From decorative accent pieces to resurfacing of walls along with counter-tops or back splashes. Terrazzo is a popular option for shower floors where it replaces traditional porcelain tile. This Italian style has an infinite selection of colors, allowing you to personalize your bathroom.

Simple Storage

Bathroom cabinets tend to accumulate unused products that eventually get thrown out. Instead of adding storage, why not simply keep the storage space you really need and keep only the necessities. Open storage spaces, such as hanging or floating shelves, are ideal for daily essentials and will keep your bathroom looking neat and clean.

bathroom faucet and accesories brass

Creating a “Water Space”

This concept is becoming increasingly popular with the bathtub and shower sharing the same open area of the bathroom. This layout allows the area to look much bigger than it is, with only a simple glass barrier separating the water space from the rest of the bathroom.

Making Tiny Bathrooms Look Bigger

Do you have a powder room that needs to be remodeled? The surface area of these rooms is small, so think about including some luxurious items in your budget. Brightly colored wallpaper or lining floors, walls and ceiling with the same materials can make your powder room look bigger along with the right sink and vanity combination.

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