Kitchen, Bathroom, and Basement Remodeling in Batavia, IL

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Remodeling Reviews from Batavia, IL

Home Remodeling in Batavia, IL

“Complete bathroom remodeling of two bathrooms, remodeling of a third bathroom, repair kitchen cabinet, install stove, replaced doors. This project was terrific from beginning to end. And not many people can say that about remodeling. Chris Rosseland always kept my goal in mind. His suggestions were excellent, and some of them even reduced the price. His workers were always on time, left at a decent hour (before dinner), and always cleaned up after themselves. Their work was excellent, and I don’t think the project could have gone any better. I’m thrilled with the results – I’ve read only positive feedback on the bathrooms from realtors and potential buyers. I love the bathrooms and plan to have Chris come out to the new house to remodel out there.”


Home Remodeling in Batavia, IL

“Overall, the results were beautiful. Everyone who has seen the work has been very impressed. Though there were some delays due to subcontractors, everything in the end worked out beautifully. Chris is very responsive and personable; he wants to make the customer completely satisfied. This was our first experience with remodeling, and we weren’t quite prepared for what it entailed or how long it would last; in the end, it was what we had hoped for. Our next project is our kitchen remodeling project, and Rosseland will be our first choice.”

Ray and Kathleen

Getting Started with Your Remodel

Follow this link to the Batavia Building Department to learn about their remodeling codes, regulations, and contractor requirements. Rosseland Remodeling has completed many projects in Batavia, IL, so we are familiar with the local building regulations.

Let’s turn that unused basement into a useful, valuable living space. Basement remodeling is one of our specialties in the Batavia home remodeling market.

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