Kitchen Remodeling in Arlington Heights

Home and Kitchen Remodeling in Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights has a lot of old homes. Obviously, only a handful date from the late 1800s or early 1900s, but an established community like this has a lot of well-cared-for homes that eventually need kitchen remodeling, many of which are located near the popular downtown area.

One of those homes is an approximately 80-year-old house owned by Sarah and Chris. Rosseland Remodeling has worked on this home several times, much to the satisfaction of its owners. Our customer was particularly happy with the galley kitchen that we recently designed and installed.

As evidenced by these photos, the galley kitchen is in a narrow space, yet we made it open and inviting by opening the area up through the use of lots of white, both in wall space and cabinet colors. We added a modern touch with glass tile backsplashes, modern stainless steel appliances, a granite countertop and new flooring that was in keeping with the character of the home. This remodel also involved removing a wall and reworking a small set of stairs to open up the area.

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The family couldn’t have been happier with our work.

A full kitchen remodel can be stressful and tedious, but Chris and his crews were pleasant, professional and efficient from start to finish. Chris gave us a detailed timeline before the project so we could avoid any unnecessary inconveniences. Every deadline was met, ever little issue was resolved immediately and there were no hidden charges in along the way,” Sarah said. “We couldn’t be happier with the end result. Our kitchen is simply gorgeous and we wouldn’t change a thing. Chris is honest, diligent and an all-around great guy. We’re happy to know him and will be sure to use Rosseland Remodeling for any other projects in our home. We highly recommend him to our friends and family. He is the best. Thanks, Chris!

Remodeling older homes is a challenge and is one that not all contractors can do efficiently. The older the building, the greater the possibility of encountering possible problems while work proceeds. Older homes often have galvanized pipes for plumbing, which can rust and may need to be replaced. Other problems can include little or no insulation in walls, electrical wiring that may have insufficient capacity, is frayed or presents other difficulties that can threaten the safety of your home, along with plaster walls that can be difficult to cut through or demolish.

image galley kitchen in Arlington Heights IL

Thanks to our decades of experience, Rosseland Remodeling has encountered almost every possible difficulty when it comes to renovating older homes. Nothing surprises us, which means we can do what it takes to make our renovation both safe and stylish.

Older homes have a lot of character. So do the neighborhoods in which they are located. If you love your location in Arlington Heights and have an older home, Rosseland Remodeling will take the care needed to give you a successful kitchen remodeling, bathroom, basement finishing or other type of renovation. We’ll also make sure that the renovation fits the character of your home.

Arlington Heights Customer Reviews 

Thank you very much for an excellent remodel that we will enjoy for years to come! Professional & organized, any time I had a question or concern I had an immediate reply. They were always available to help. We were back in the house before the scheduled end date! I would absolutely recommend Rosseland Remodeling to anyone considering a remodel. The staff was excellent and very professional.

Jennifer T.

We have used Rosseland Remodeling for other projects in our home, so when it was time to remodel our kitchen in our Arlington Heights home we knew we were in good hands. Chris Rosseland gave us a fair and honest quote for a full remodel, including new counter tops, back splash, cabinets, and floors. We also reworked a small set of stairs and removed a wall.
A full kitchen remodeling project can be stressful and tedious, but Chris and his crews were pleasant, professional, and efficient from start to finish. Chris gave us a detailed timeline before the project so we could avoid any unnecessary inconveniences. Every deadline was met, every little issue was resolved immediately, and there were no hidden charges snuck in along the way. We couldn’t be happier with the end result. Our kitchen is simply gorgeous and we wouldn’t change a thing.
Chris is honest, diligent, and an all-around great guy. We’re happy to know him. We will be sure to use Rosseland Remodeling for any other projects in our home, and we highly recommend him to our friends and family. He is the best! Thanks Chris!

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Sarah Armsey

The project was smooth, professional and stress free – not an easy thing to say for such a large remodeling project! From the start, we liked Chris’ ideas and demeanor. As soon as he showed up, he listened carefully to our wants and needs for the project. He immediately suggested some great ideas that we loved. After talking to many contractors, we had a good feeling that Chris was the kind of person we wanted to work with. Rosseland had great references, great reviews on Angie’s list, and a competitive price. We were sold.

Chris helped us to find an architect for a very reasonable price to put together the plans for the addition (thousands less than other architectural bids we had received). He walked us through the design process, in conjunction with the architect, and was always able to put solid estimates to ideas during some fun design sessions. Chris was able to think quickly to help us determine how minor changes to the plans might change the overall price for the project. In short, the planning process was great, and moved at a nice, quick pace.

Chris handled all of the permit process with the village, which was a relief as our village is a little ‘temperamental’. When the work started, Chris and his sub-contractors did great work. We especially liked the carpenters. They were very friendly, willing to explain anything we asked, and very courteous. We had advance notice of all work, so we were always prepared for the next crew of workers. We actually were excited each day to hear about what was going to happen, and to see the project move along.

This could have been a very messy project – mud, sawdust, drywall, nails etc. But Chris and his guys were very careful to clean the job site each day, leaving the house quiet and clean by the time we got home from work (4:30pm each day). Our neighbors even commented about how little mess there was during the project.

Any remodeling project will run into unexpected situations. When we hit ours, Chris acted with integrity and accountability. When the custom windows we ordered showed up, Chris immediately noticed that they were not of a good build quality. Before I even knew that there was anything wrong, Chris had called out a third party inspector to look them over, had begun the process of sending them back, and had ordered new, upgraded windows. The whole situation could have been stressful for me had I been involved – the vendor did not want to give a refund, the maker disputed their poor build quality. But Chris handled all of it quickly and efficiently. We quickly had the new, nicer windows in place.

Overall, I found Chris to be very responsive and communicative. One of my favorite things was that I could email him with a list of questions or issues, and he would quickly respond. Since communicating with your contractor on the phone during the work day can be challenging, this was especially helpful. All-in-all, this was a very good experience. We have undertaken several minor remodeling projects prior to this, and none have gone so smoothly. Chris Rosseland runs a tight ship, and a very professional remodeling company.

I would highly recommend Rosseland Remodeling to anyone looking for a good, honest, friendly, communicative, and fairly-priced contractor. We will definitely use Rosseland for our next project(s).

This was a very large project. We tore down two existing poorly built rooms. They rested on a slab foundation, which we tore out as well. Once the demolition was done, we had a new foundation (with basement) poured, built a new living room on the first floor, and added a second story addition above that space. It is a little hard to describe, but we went from a single floor family room area on a slab, to a two-story addition over a new basement space. The new basement space was built to extend our existing basement. In addition, we re-roofed, re-sided, and re-guttered the entire house and detached garage.

Andy Mortland

I LOVE ROSSELAND REMODELING!!!! I could not be happier. Chris Rosseland went from a nice, professional contractor to now a loved part of our family.

I didn’t take this remodel lightly, I interviewed 7 companies before deciding on a contractor that I thought would be honest, reasonably priced, and not creepy to have in my home day in and day out. I found that in Chris Rosseland. He has a very kind demeanor to him, and that kindness does not disappears throughout the construction process or after. Chris is involved in the entire process and is on the site on a daily basis. His FIRST concern is his customers happiness.

His crews are also excellent! His crews were here working when they were suppose to, always on time, and sometimes even on the weekends. They were always polite and respectful of our family, and they did excellent work. None of the framing was prefabricated, all was constructed on site. Chris noticed my drain tiles were not draining properly and installed a new sump pump in the addition area. The attention to details was really impressive. If I wasn’t happy with something, all I had to do was tell him and he had it fixed, usually next day, no questions asked. The progress was ongoing, there was no “dead time”. Each day I’d come home and think “Wow look at all the work they got done today”. On days I was home I never felt like my space was invaded by strangers, they were very respectful. Especially since I have little ears around, there was not any cursing or disrespectful language that we heard, also there was not any trash left around or cigarette butts. The work was done on time and on budget.

I have referred Rosseland to my friends, family, and coworkers, and neighbors. Its funny because I see a home not far from mine that is having similar work done to it but by a different contractor , and I feel sorry for the people because they’re home is still being worked on today. We were done in July, and have been enjoying our new space ever since. Rosseland Remodeling is wonderful.

Addition of a 24×22 family room, a basement underneath it, replaced a one car attached garage made a two car attached garage, new siding on entire house, new roofing with new ventilation system for entire house, new driveway , patio, gas fireplace, moved stairs, brick work , new gutters, soffits, fascia, reblew insulation in entire attic, hardwood floors.

Michelle Banholzer

It can be intimidating to conceive such a project, and Chris’ work and positive attitude reassured us each step of the way. The project, from the first hole in the ground to finish, except for minor punch list items, took only four months. The subcontractors were all very competent and friendly, and took the time to understand us. There are always minor glitches in such a big project on an existing home, but they were all handled with no problems. In case something is unknown to both of us, there’s a one year guarantee on all work. So far, everything is perfect. There were no bad surprises, and we have to say there were good surprises in how well it went. For example, we used our own kitchen designer, which is scary because once we designed the kitchen, it was up to Chris to install everything. He took everything we did, installed the cabinets and appliances and turned our dreams into a beautiful kitchen. Along the way, Chris set up a temporary kitchen for us, so our lives and routines weren’t disrupted. Another good surprise is that we never had to move out of the house. Everyone was careful to clean up and move tools and materials out of our way at day’s end. Overall, it was a very satisfying project, we would be glad to use Chris again.

Chris Rosseland of Rosseland Remodeling was the general contractor (GC) on a major remodeling, room addition and expansion of our two-story family home in Arlington Heights. This was an architected project which gutted our existing kitchen and extended the kitchen and dining area, and added an upstairs bedroom. Before choosing Chris, we talked to 6 or 7 contractors. We preferred Chris, who was professional, credentialed, experienced and had excellent references. Chris carefully reviewed our architect’s plans and gave us a bid we could understand in a timely manner. We liked the facts that Chris runs the project himself, unlike others we spoke to, that he listens well and answers questions, not condescending, not over committed and has not been doing speculative building of homes. There seems to be a lot of turnover and turmoil in some companies, and this is not the case with Chris.

Tom Roth

Chris responded to our call for an estimate within the day and made an appointment for the following evening. We immediately liked him and knew that we wanted to work with him. He was warm, professional, and confident that we could get the home we dreamed of within our budget. Even after receiving several bids, we went with our gut and chose Chris and we couldn’t be happier that we did. Chris was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He really listened to what we wanted to achieve and did not simply try to build a “box” on the back of our house. He immediately established a great working relationship with our architect, which made the process flow quickly and easily.

Chris gave us a timeline for the work and he nailed it. His communication was excellent; he speaks with you in person, on the phone or via email to let you know of the daily progress of the job. He gave us at least a week’s notice for any inconveniences we might have. His crews are professional, friendly, and respectful. This was especially important for us since we have two young children in the home. Our friends and family have consistently commented on the high quality workmanship and beauty of our “new” home.

Chris truly became a part of our family and we will miss him! We simply can’t recommend Chris any higher. He’s one of a kind and we would trust him to handle any size job in our home. We used Rosseland Remodeling to build a two-story addition on our 1929 house. We added a family room, mud room and master suite upstairs and bumped out our kitchen. We refinished 75 year old floors, tore out pergo flooring and installed air conditioning. We also tore out our boiler (and radiators) and added 2 energy efficient furnaces.

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Follow this link to the Arlington Heights Building Department to learn more about the specific rules, codes and regulations to adhere to when building or remodeling. Rosseland Remodeling has completed many projects in Arlington Heights IL therefore we are familiar with the local building regulations. If you have any questions regarding the permit application process, inspections or requirements contact the Building Department at 847.368.5560, email, or visit the Building & Life Safety department located on the first floor of the Village Hall at 33 S. Arlington Heights Road.
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