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Arlington Heights has a lot of old homes. Obviously, only a handful date from the late 1800s or early 1900s, but an established community like this has a lot of well-cared-for homes that eventually need kitchen remodeling, many of which are located near the popular downtown area.

One of those homes is an approximately 80-year-old house owned by Sarah and Chris. Rosseland Remodeling has worked on this home several times, much to the satisfaction of its owners. Our customer was particularly happy with the galley kitchen that we recently designed and installed.

As evidenced by these photos, the galley kitchen is in a narrow space, yet we made it open and inviting by opening the area up through the use of lots of white, both in wall space and cabinet colors. We added a modern touch with glass tile backsplashes, modern stainless steel appliances, a granite countertop and new flooring that was in keeping with the character of the home. This remodel also involved removing a wall and reworking a small set of stairs to open up the area.

image kitchen remodeling in Arlington Heights IL

The family couldn’t have been happier with our work.

A full kitchen remodel can be stressful and tedious, but Chris and his crews were pleasant, professional and efficient from start to finish. Chris gave us a detailed timeline before the project so we could avoid any unnecessary inconveniences. Every deadline was met, ever little issue was resolved immediately and there were no hidden charges in along the way,” Sarah said. “We couldn’t be happier with the end result. Our kitchen is simply gorgeous and we wouldn’t change a thing. Chris is honest, diligent and an all-around great guy. We’re happy to know him and will be sure to use Rosseland Remodeling for any other projects in our home. We highly recommend him to our friends and family. He is the best. Thanks, Chris!

Remodeling older homes is a challenge and is one that not all contractors can do efficiently. The older the building, the greater the possibility of encountering possible problems while work proceeds. Older homes often have galvanized pipes for plumbing, which can rust and may need to be replaced. Other problems can include little or no insulation in walls, electrical wiring that may have insufficient capacity, is frayed or presents other difficulties that can threaten the safety of your home, along with plaster walls that can be difficult to cut through or demolish.

image galley kitchen in Arlington Heights IL

Thanks to our decades of experience, Rosseland Remodeling has encountered almost every possible difficulty when it comes to renovating older homes. Nothing surprises us, which means we can do what it takes to make our renovation both safe and stylish.

Older homes have a lot of character. So do the neighborhoods in which they are located. If you love your location in Arlington Heights and have an older home, Rosseland Remodeling will take the care needed to give you a successful kitchen remodeling, bathroom, basement finishing or other type of renovation. We’ll also make sure that the renovation fits the character of your home.

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Follow this link to the Arlington Heights Building Department to learn more about the specific rules, codes and regulations to adhere to when building or remodeling. Rosseland Remodeling has completed many projects in Arlington Heights IL therefore we are familiar with the local building regulations. If you have any questions regarding the permit application process, inspections or requirements contact the Building Department at 847.368.5560, email, or visit the Building & Life Safety department located on the first floor of the Village Hall at 33 S. Arlington Heights Road.